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Hi there, I am a business analyst with 25 years experience.

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Skills & Experience

I contract as a specialist Business Analyst in process re-engineering, service design, operations and digital transformation. I have managed and trained staff, prepared business cases, managed projects, modelled data, prepared marketing content and provided information and communication solutions over my career.

Thought Leadership & Digital Reach

LinkedIn: I have a strong digital presence with over 15,000+ followers.

I hold over 50 recommendations from business colleagues.


Methods Used

  • PRINCE2 - Controls

  • Critical Path - Analysis

  • Agile - Adjustments

  • TQM - Quality Assurance

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Endorsed Skills 

  • 99+ Strategy

  • 99+ Business Analysis

  • 99+ Change Management

  • 99+ Process Improvement



  • 125+ Projects

  • 45+ Publications

  • 15+ Honors & Awards

  • 10+ Courses

Best Fit

I am able to step back, and see the wood through the trees. I am at my best when applying my technical skills, analytical and creative abilities to find scalable practical solutions to organisational issues and customer needs.

I solve complex issues across businesses. I tend to view problems from many perspectives, and see issues as opportunities to improve technology, systems, processes, staff and sales.

I enjoy being the translator between various groups to gain buy in, while I build the connections needed to find the right blend of IT and business resources to develop the best end-to-end solutions.


Professional Experience

  • Snr Business Analyst - Marsland Consulting [Sep-08 to Present]
  • Chief Operating Officer - MAC Innovations [Dec-15 to Nov-17]
  • Improvement Specialist - MOE [Aug-15 to Nov-15]
  • Snr Business Analyst - WorkSafe [Nov-14 to Jul-15]
  • Snr Business Analyst - MBIE [Nov-13 to Oct-14] 
  • Snr Business Analyst - KiwiBank [Jul-11 to Oct-13]
  • Snr Business Analyst - MOJ [Dec-10 to Jun-11]
  • Planning & Research Mgr - Public Trust [Nov-09 to Nov-10]
  • Area Mgmt Analyst - DOC [Jun-09 to Nov-09]
  • Web Designer - MAC Innovations [Sep-05 to Nov-15]
  • Company Director - TrustUs [Sep-05 to Present]
  • Business Analyst - Guardian Trust [Jan-05 to Feb-09]
  • Project Mgr - Guardian Trust [Nov-04 to Dec-04]...

Tertiary Qualifications

Bachelors Degree:

Commerce & Administration

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Information Systems
  • Commercial Law

Victoria University
Mar-95 to May-98

Graduate Diploma:

Business Studies

  • Financial Planning

Massey University
Jun-04 to Dec-06


Professional Development

Project Management

  • Methods & Mechanics     

Apr-07 to Apr-08

PRINCE2 Certification

  • Controlled Environments

Feb-09 to Current


Professional Associations

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Culture & People

Key Skills: Process Improvement & Engagement

Change Management working with Key Influencers

  • I undertake workshop facilitation with subject matter experts to identify root cause issues and bottlenecks to work through options for overcoming barriers that are identified.

  • I look to identify and re-engineer key processes in business, retail and government that help organisations save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year focusing on more immediate changes to critical issues.

Process & Systems

Key Skills: Modelling & Forecasting

The Strategy of Where to Focus and Win

  • By overlaying cost and effort against process maps I am able to identify key area's of focus along with being able to build reporting, resourcing and scheduling tools to support local, national and/or international efforts.  

  • By completing the above I am then able to build modelling and predictive forecasting tools helping organisations understand implications, levers and consequences before making high-cost critical decisions.

Digital Innovation

Key Skills: Data Analysis & Digital Solutions

Customer Centric Service Design with Automation

  • I have front-line, hands-on practical experience in the full project life cycle from data analysis, design and planning through to prototyping and implementing end-to-end automated solutions that scale.

  • From this experience I am able to design, build and implement new digital products and services much quicker than traditional approaches. 

Specialist vs Generalist

"It isn’t the strongest, or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable that survive". Darwin

Many describe me as the glue, translator and guide that closes the gap between wants and needs helping organisations move from ideas and concepts to effective outcomes and results.


A) Today's What

SWOT Analysis: Where are we?

Current State - Problems & Issues

Being Honest: The key is in understanding existing barriers and limitations. Asking why several times gets you to the root cause of many issues quickly.


B) Tomorrow's Why

Opportunity: Where do we go?

Future State - Goals & Aspirations

Being Genuine: Are we playing to the strengths of our team? Strategy is just as much about stopping activities as it is focusing on what to start. 



C) Closing The Gap

Change: Where do we focus?

Playbook - Executing Strategy

Being Professional: It isn't actually about failing fast. Learning from active listening and taking on feedback allows you to pivot effectively, growing momentum.


I’ve greatly enjoyed my time working with Corey. He’s a talented people manager with a gift for both process design and service facilitation. He is able to shift from strategy to task and back again as smooth as butter, and from people to process to technology like an expert surfer on a killer wave.

As with every person I recommend, his customer focus is nothing short of exceptional. That said, I think the real genius of Corey, the thing that makes him delightful to partner with, is his creativity and vision. Corey has a way of seeing more clearly into future states than most and yet retaining the understanding that not everyone can do the same.

He’s able to see how far along a change journey his staff or colleagues are, and provide them with the right coaching, at the right time, and bring alignment to the team. I hope Corey will someday invite me to his private island for the weekend - as I’m confident he will one day own one!
— Stephanie Beath, CEO
Corey is an enigmatic true deliverer. What Corey say’s he will do, happens. Corey has an ability to remain positive and open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. A very switched on chap with a solid business and strategy mindset.
— Russell Smith, Chief Executive
Corey is one of those, unsung hero’s that can be found from time to time. His exceptional skills in the areas of business analysis, sales and service, and process design; along with his flexibility and adaptability, make him a go to person you can trust to solve difficult problems, and create excellent outcomes.

At various times Corey wrote requirements, supported technology builds, developed resourcing and sales and service models, supported customer testing and research, and even helped build an on the ground support team for our new frontline. A team he ultimately became part of, spending months ensuring new branches got off to a flying start.

Corey’s one of those rare people that you can present with a problem or opportunity, and then simply allow it to leave your mind, comfortable in the knowledge that it will be sorted quickly and accurately, and the outcome will be perfect.
— Chris McDermott, GM Brand & Communications
It’s always good to meet a likeminded individual and even better when you have a chance to collaborate with them. Working together on a CRM solution for a young, Government organisation, presented many challenges. Corey was quick to see the big picture whilst firmly keeping his feet on the ground. Corey assessed the current business state, rationalised and enhanced the data management structures and provided a solid baseline to code against.

Don’t let his passion for detailed analysis fool you into thinking Corey doesn’t have a personality. With a relaxed but professional attitude, Corey forged relationships across the organisation which I’m sure will outlast the project itself.

Adding value is the name of the game and Corey does exactly this. If you want an individual who isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and get working, then Corey is your man.
— Andrew MacPherson, Solution Architect


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